About us


About Solola

SOLOLA produces African traditional textiles and handmade crafts with our original design.

Our Vision

“SOLOLA” means “to discuss” in Lingala language spoken in the Congo river basin.
SOLOLA discusses with local producers to create new products based on our own design and excellent works from the old time. Respect to the history and tradition and creativity with new idea are merged in SOLOLA.

SOLOLA believes that crafts are useful only if they are used in the daily lives of people.
If the lifestyle changes, the way crafts are made and used will also change.
Crafts that adapted to such changes but still being used by people for generations have essential and practical qualities in which we find perpetual beauty.
Solola endeavors to share such view with its producers and customers through its activity and quality of the products.

Since most of the African producers are struggling with poverty, income from handicrafts are very important.
However, it is not easy for them to meet our requirement such as deadline and quality as their lives are set in the slower pace of society.
Solola is confident that our continuous effort to improve the production management and product quality with our African producers is the most valuable way to make their lives better.

Please feel the power and creative imagination of African arts&crafts through Solola.
Enjoy our world !

Hitomi Suzuki



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